Redesign your sales effectiveness

How can you retain your level of success? What will trigger top talent to stay with you? Will this be enough to ensure success, or is more needed to achieve your goals?

Spot on Sales has developed a Sales Excellence method that has proven itself in practice. Our approach is as simple as it is effective. Hands-on, bottom-up! Salespeople are at the heart of our approach, always with your customers in mind.

Spot on Sales “Boost” provides you with the answer:

  • A scan providing you with an insight into your sales activities & effectiveness “as is” in daily practice. What is going well and what can be improved.
  • A professional & personalised company standard for all sales roles, your very own Sales Excellence Framework, tailored by us together with management and salespeople based on your customer needs and company priorities.
  • A structure that embeds a uniform, yet fully personalised company way of working to professionalise your people.

Below you can find an overview of the value you can create for your company when partnering with Spot on Sales.

Spot on Sales “Boost”, sales excellence in practice!

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Value to your company

  • In-depth insight into your sales activities & effectiveness in daily practice
  • Clear insight into what is going well and what can be improved in all aspects concerning sales
  • Customer (automatically) becomes focal point of all sales activities
  • Personalised & professional company standard for all sales roles
  • Structure for the creation of professional sales
  • Uniform, yet fully personalized way of working
  • Benefits gained from best practices from various industries
  • Higher employee-satisfaction
  • Higher individual- and team sales effectiveness and -results
  • Higher customer satisfaction, higher NPS (net promotor score) and higher loyalty
  • Higher predictability of results (revenue & margin)
  • Higher R.O.I. from training programmes. No refresh training costs as training is supported through continuous coaching in the field
  • Cost of non-performance will reduce as Sales becomes more competent and skilled to cope with challenging market
  • ROI -> short payback time