About Us

Spot on Sales is a company specialised in making sales organisations more effective, passionately driven by Michel Timmermans. Michel is a senior sales leader and coach with a proven track-record in leading and transforming (sales) organisations and teams. Practical, result-oriented with a focus on developing talent.  Spot on Sales works with an extensive network of business professionals with backgrounds in sales, trained in the Spot on Sales method and approach.


Spot on Sales has developed an approach in practice that has proven itself. Our approach is as simple as it is effective. Dynamic and challenging, yet hands-on and bottom-up, with your sales staff and sales management together placing your sales people at the centre of the approach and always with the customer in mind.

Michel Timmermans

Michel has over 30 year’s of business experience in senior management and executive roles in sales, customer experience, marketing and general management. With a lot of energy in the way he works, he allows others to excel with a clear perspective on creating sustainable results using the available talent.